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How do I watch Lance's LIVE videos? When are they on?



There is no set schedule for Lance’s live videos. On average he does a couple a week.
There are currently two different places Lance live streams:

Periscope -
Facebook -

They are two separate tools and they do not communicate to the other. He uses both periodically and when doing so is able to reach different audiences. We encourage you to follow him with both tools, and make sure you have notifications turned on so you'll know when he goes live.

Via Periscope:
In order to catch his videos via Periscope, you need to sign up for Twitter as well as Periscope.

When you have a profile in each platforms, look at the settings and make sure they are connected. You will then need to follow Lance on both platforms. When you have followed him in both spots, confirm that your Periscope settings are such to notify you when he “goes live”.

There are limits to Periscope and the number of viewers that can be on at one time. But notifications will let you know he is/has just recorded a fresh message. You can always go back to watch the videos after he is done.

Via Facebook Live:
1. Sign up for a Facebook profile []
2. Find Lance’s Facebook page [] and like his page.
3. Go to the settings at the top of his page and tell Facebook you wish to see his posts as the first thing on your page. Whenever you come to your account it will show you his latest activity.
4. If he happens to be “live” when you come on, you can watch it - live! But if not, that’s okay as it is recording and you can go back and watch it later
5. If you are looking for his previous videos, click here [] to see all of his previous Facebook Live videos

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